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The Local Beat: Through the Tallwoods

In this episode of the Local Beat, DJ Beowvlf hangs out with Through the Tallwoods to discuss their current functioning as a band, recent EP release, songwriting process going forward, & where they fit in the local scene. This one is a lot of fun & features four tracks off of their EP-- Growth-- so be sure to check it out!

The Local Beat: Juxton Roy

Juxton Roy is back on the Local Beat for the second ever remote session. In this podcast the band primarily discusses their most recent releases-- "Flatlining" and "Hallelujah--" but also touches on their message as a band, community development, growth as a band, and more.

The Local Beat: Tennis Elbow (again!)

DJ Beowvlf conducts their first remote Local Beat session with Tennis Elbow. The band will be releasing their third studio album on June 18th & were kind enough to give WKNC the run down of its conception & creation. Other than the album the band covers live in Brooklyn, music development during quarantine, & their comedy side project-- Two Tree Hill. Visit the WKNC Youtube page for the matching video that goes along with this podcast.

The Local Beat: Art Critic

Art Critic is a three-piece, instrumental act and DJ Beowvlf was lucky to sit down with two of them for this interview! The band discusses their influences, stage presence, and what sets them apart from the rest of the local music community.

The Local Beat: To Julian

To Julian shares a heartfelt and emotive set with DJ Beowvlf while the two discuss artistry, development of the craft, early musical experiences and self-love.

The Local Beat: Charlie Smarts, Les Genius, Ace Henderson, and Zack Cokas

The Local Beat is back and on this jam packed edition DJ Beowvlf sits down with Charlie Smarts, Les The Genius,Ace Henderson, and Zack Cokas tune in as they discuss the rise of the North Carolina Hip Hop Music scene, their individual music journeys, and whats special about Raleigh Hip Hop Music plus more tune in for a great conversation about Hip Hop

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