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The Local Beat: Das Drip

DJ Beowvlf interviews Rachel from Das Drip - the first band to play at Double Barrel! Stay tuned for insight on local punk and a taste of the group’s demo!

The Local Beat: Holiday Special!

Tennis Elbow comes in for a special holiday edition of the Local Beat! Stay tuned for a live set and some nondenominational cheer!

The Local Beat: Green Aisles and Xylem

DJ Beowvlf and DJ sPaRrOvV host a live set with Green Aisles, chat about what their recording process is like, and give listeners info on their New Years day show. Lat...

The Local Beat: Saphron

Ian and Zoe of Saphron stop by for a live set and interview during which they discuss an upcoming show, give some shout-outs, and explain their roots.

The Local Beat: Skylar Gudasz

Local artist Skylar Gudasz is back in the station with DJ sPaRrOvV to play some of her newest tracks!

The Local Beat: Earther and Charles Walker

DJ Beowvlf and DJ sPaRrOvV are joined by Earther for a live set and a debut of their newest tracks, as well as Charles Walker for another live in studio performance an...

The Local Beat: Dollhands and Stranded Bandits

Eric Smeal of Dollhands plays some tunes from the group's newest release, titled a public display of affection, explains the complex lineup of musicians that make up t...

The Local Beat: Black Bouquet

DJ sPaRrOvV and DJ Beowvlf host a live set with Black Bouquet, and the band reflects on the processes behind their most popular songs, then finishes off with an untitl...

The Local Beat: Seabreeze Diner

DJ Beowvlf interviews Seabreeze Diner, who previews a song not yet released to the public, and talks about their organic transition from part-time to full-time musicians.

The Local Beat: Alley Seventeen

DJ sPaRrOvV and DJ Beowvlf sit down with Alley Seventeen for a live set, a few questions, and the premier of their single, Full Bloom!

The Local Beat: Tennis Elbow and Placeholder

Tennis Elbow’s Ryan and Chandler stop by the station to chat with DJ Beowulf and DJ Sparrow, and are followed by Placeholder. Tennis Elbow plays a live set and Placeho...

The Local Beat: Slow Glow and Zensofly

Phian from Slow Glow and Zensofly stop by to promote their upcoming show at The Pour House Music Hall, play some of their newest tracks, and talk about how they collab...

The Local Beat: Poinsettia

Poinsettia stops by to talk about their new album and their appearance at Schoolkids!

The Local Beat: The Muslims

DJ Whatsherface and DJ Sparrow end the semester with The Muslims! They chat about the band’s newest album release and their plans for the future, including their upcom...

The Local Beat: Moon Racer

DJ Sparrow and DJ Whatsherface chat with Moon Racer about her debut album as Moon Racer and the struggles of recording with limited space, as well as preview some of t...

The Local Beat: Eggy Strange

DJ Sparrow and DJ Whatsherface chat with Eggy Strange about his newest release, his upcoming show, and how he made the switch from sad boy screamo to rap.

The Local Beat: Noah Cross

Dj Sparrow and DJ whatsherface interviewed front man Taylor Turner of Noah Cross on the local beat before their show at Imurj. They talked about everything from the ve...

The Local Beat: Shakori Hills Promoters

DJ Sparrow and DJ Whatsherface interview promoters for the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, coming up this May in Pittsboro, NC!

The Local Beat: Horizontal Hold

DJ Sparrow and DJ Whatsherface sit down with Horizontal Hold to preview their new album!

The Local Beat: De Fontaine

DJ Sparrow and DJ Whatsherface premiered Chapel Hill band De Fontaine's debut LP "Mixtape 1:Demons". The band talked about their unique writing/recording process, thei...

The Local Beat: S.E. Ward

DJ Whatsherface sits down with S.E. Ward to talk about their new EP and what's coming up for the band.

The Local Beat: Pie Face Girls

DJ Sparrow and DJ Whats Her Face interview Pie Face Girls, who will be performing on Night 2 of Double Barrel Benefit 15!

The Local Beat: RGB

DJ Sparrow and DJ Whatsherface interview RGB, an experimental artist and NC State student who will be playing Night 1 of Double Barrel Benefit 15!

The Local Beat: Happy Abandon

DJ Sparrow and DJ Whatsherface chat with local band Happy Abandon (and play through their amazing first album, Face Paint!)

The Local Beat: Foxture

DJ Whatsherface sits down with Foxture to discuss their upcoming 6-song EP "Eden"!

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