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Local Durham Band Bangzz sits down with hermajesty, Eubanks, and Space Cadet to talk about the term Riot Grrl, being covered in Top Ramen, the music in their heads, Festivals, and the catharsis of playing shows.

Hermajesty 0:01
Welcome back to WKNC 88.1. HD one Raleigh. I'm Hermajesty joined today by my lovely co hosts

Grant Eubanks 0:07
Grant Eubanks.

Space Cadet 0:09
Space Cadet.

Hermajesty 0:11
for an episode of local beat during local lunch. Today, we're joined by Durham punk duo bangs. Welcome back to can see, and humble you all introduce yourselves.

Erica 0:21
Thank you for having us. My name is Erica. And I play guitar, and I'm just an athlete.

Hermajesty 0:31
Nice. How would you guys explain bangs to first time listeners?

Erica 0:37
I try to make it as feral as possible, you know, just like untamed just like, should I do raw aggression? Like, in like, a very cathartic way. And like, just like screaming loud, fast clawing at the world. Yeah, something like that. You know, feral,

Hermajesty 0:56
Feral, feral. That's incredible. Um, so you guys are a part of potluck? What? Can you explain that a little bit more? Because I always kind of like, almost like family homestyle records. But can you elaborate on what that is? Yeah, as a part of it.

Erica 1:13
I mean, potluck is, um, it's a label in quotation marks, but it's basically like kind of a collective of musicians in Chapel Hill, they've been making records for a long time. And I've kind of teamed up to support each other, like the label within the triangle, really, okay. And it's run by like, three people that are like, just pillars of the music scene. And yeah, they're just been doing it for a really long time. And they kind of just like, have a family kind of oriented feel of like, you know, helping people in this area to continue to make music and make it you know, bigger and better adopted into that family. Yeah. I like, met john Harrison, who's one of the people in potluck, like a long time ago, my first job actually out of college just randomly. And it was just the first person I met, who was just like, Oh, this person makes music all the time. He's one of the chapel musicians here with you about blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And how, like, you know, it's just like, it was the time when I just first started recording and I was using audacity because it was free. And it was terrible, right? Yeah. And I started making my first get around it demos of like, songs and it just kind of like all piecing it together. And, you know, writing while recording, I was just, he was the first one I showed it to Honestly, I was just like, Is this like, this makes sense to me. And we just kind of talked about craft a lot, honestly, about, like, you know, how many writing songs you got, just kind of build it and just keep trying and like, it was just very encouraging stuff. And then so yeah, what his record was about ready to go, I was just like, I want to put this out. And during quarantine, I was thinking a lot about, like, this talent and like being here, like, Why did I choose to stay here? Because I'm not from here. Oh, oh, just like, you know, like, I've always loved the scene here. And like, just thinking about, like, however got plugged into it, you know, there's like actors are talking to john, I started like, you know, volunteering a studio and cargo and then eventually got just, like, absorbed into like, the music scene. Suddenly, it's like, yeah, I'm gonna find more jobs or just music. You know, I think it's, my favorite thing isn't like everything. So and I just like, it just felt like really full circle to be like, hey, well, this album needs to come out. It was burning a hole in my pocket. I'm like, I'm gonna try to sell this forever. Like, you know, you talked about this earlier, but it's like, you, I think to be you healthy, creative person. You have to let things go. Yeah, yeah, we'll also get stagnantand like a weird way.

Hermajesty 3:20
You keep improving in the tracks don't unless you work on them.

Erica 3:24
Yeah, no.

Hermajesty 3:25
So there's a point where you have to be like, this. There's gonna be a point where this doesn't represent me in the future. And like, Yeah, yes.

Erica 3:32
Like, you got to keep going. Because it's like, you know, writing stuff. And like this. Got it. It's got to keep going.

Hermajesty 3:37
So like that. This snapshot of you out now. And continue to work on it.

Erica 3:42
Yeah. body of work.

Hermajesty 3:43
Yeah. You had mentioned that. Like, when you were growing up Japan, you only really had access to top 40 and stuff. So what were those early demos kind of sounding like?

Erica 3:52
I mean, well, since then, like since growing up in Japan, I went to college at Wake Forest. So I went from like Tokyo to like Winston Salem. It was like, Wow, it was super shot. I was like, I thought it was like a forest. Like Tokyo. Like, but like, Yeah, but that and just like having a car and then there's like a whole like race element to it that I just wasn't like, privy to because I just hadn't been in like, context yet. But what was the question? Why does it sound like the way it does? Oh, I don't know.

Hermajesty 4:19
I know. I know. I wanted to know what like the early demos were because they weren't necessarily as influenced as I guess, of having lived in the US for a while.

Erica 4:27
Well, I guess the earliest demos still were after I'd lived in the US for a while Okay, so there's still posts like my big like musical as far as like awakening kind of thing was when like, I started discovering indie rock. Okay, now and like the 2000 you know, yeah, it was just kind of like oh, there's a this top 40 right, but then there's like, stuff that people make that's like indie rock that's like super cool and like intricate and like it's like sometimes like the lyrics are very strange. We don't rhyme and like it doesn't matter. Like I love voices that aren't not like traditionally cool, right? Yeah, like in person expedition to sort of find that stuff like go into venues or was it like record stores? I think I was just always creating music. So he's out here and like, you know, obviously we also grew up in the internet you know where like Napster that wasn't Napster was a thing. But yes, it's just like you start widening your horizons Is it because it's the first like, Oh, I get top 40 radio, you know, that's it. That's all we get everything else in Japanese Oh Jeep off to you. But like, then it's just like, Oh, I got like, I saw this like underground stuff. And it was just like, I mean, like, they once for me, like was like, Broken Social Scene. And like, I loved Yankee Hotel, Foxtrot. I thought it was a beautiful album, and I woke up. And like, those kind of things. Were just like, Oh my gosh, like, it's what you make it at home. I don't know, I just always knew that. making music now is fun, because you can kind of pull for everything that's happened so far. And you can mash it all together in your way. And that's what's so special and fun about this time. Because there's so many so much to work with. How do you feel about the the label right girl? Um, you know, I embrace it, like, okay, I embrace it, just because like, I think it's super important. It's like, super important. I mean, obviously, like, a lot of the songs on this album are very much inspired by feminism and me trying to like find words for like, what's happening? Like, why is this happening to me? Like, why would I go about like, do these things happen? How do I find words for my frustration for it? Right? That's a huge part of this album. So I think right, like, yeah, that's right, girl. I know that like with the right girl movement back in the day, it was very white and stuff. So it wasn't like very much like you're doing women of color. Yeah. So like, obviously, this falls in that but I'm also like, you know, I grew up in Japan. I'm, I'm Asian. I'm Japanese. For those wondering, I'm wearing a mask right now. Well, like it's just, I think that Yeah, okay, right, girl, it was a Nike thing. But it's still really important. And like, the fact that people were like, Oh, I saw that one show where you had to eat a burrito on stage. And I was like, So moved. The fact that that still moves us. It's like, yeah, exactly why this is really weird, right, though, right? Yeah. Like, why are we just like, oh, I've never seen a woman eat a burrito on stage just for the hell of it. You know what I mean? Boo. Like, know that. We still need to push that a little bit. Don't worry, right?

Hermajesty 7:06
No, yeah, I just I have a friend and she kind of doesn't really like that level a lot. So I was just curious about how you guys interpret Yeah, yeah.

Jess 7:14
Cuz I think it just gets tacked on to because I would just call it pump. But I guess cuz we're girls. Yeah. Music is Riot girl, or I don't know. That is true. I don't know the definition. I guess it's sampled right? Boy. Justice of that. Yeah. Like, boys.

Erica 7:41
I mean, yeah. It's like for real talk, though. Like, as far as gender is concerned. Like, I really feel like all the stuff that we were raised with and taught really, it's kind of not, it's not real, scientific view. I mean, sometimes I'm like, oh, how much of this is like, really? Like, like, how many people are just like, Yes, I am exactly how they define. You know, I'm a woman, like, they define women. But I like think I like this. I like that. I don't do this. I don't do that. You know what I mean? My entire life has been like, Oh, well, yeah. Like, this is like, Oh, well, you like music for a girl? Yeah, like what? You know, it's always something like I felt like I didn't identify with almost, because it's like, the definition for woman was like, limited. I feel, you know, until, like, for me, it's just whenever they have gender. I'm like, kind of like, I think we're defining a wall. And it's kind of I feel like I don't know, everything. But even like, my brother in law, they're like, Oh, well, he likes cooking. I'm like, humans. I don't understand why everything so gendered. Like,

Hermajesty 8:32
did you ever have to like struggle through internal monologues of like, is this is this enough? Or is this close enough to like, being a woman with the music that I make? You know, because I don't know. He kind of works the other way around with with men, especially with like, more popular music. Yeah. I feel like there's almost a little bit of gender typecast with with, with genres. I feel like y'all are y'all are in a very male dominated genre. Interesting.

Erica 9:00
I would say at least, we I mean, most of you. very male dominated if you think about it, right. Yeah, sure. That's like the heart. Because like, you could sit about murder, like he said a lot of things. But that's also because like, women aren't encouraged to be logical space. Yes, like, yeah, there's some kind of gendering that goes on. I think there's like, okay, and this is how I feel as someone grew up with this body. Like, there's like things that tell you like, you kind of notice as a kid, you're like, well, there's no one else doing it. So I guess that when people say like, girls don't do it, it's right, because I don't see anyone else doing it. So that's just like representation, which kind of doubles down and it reinforces that like, false belief. So I think that's why I think, you know, a lot of women my age are all just felt like, I don't know, kind of just like taking up space in bigger bodies. Yeah, people like that in those positions. And I'm like, Yeah, we did last week. Yeah, we played the piano last week. You saw, you know what I mean? Like people women can do that,you know,

Jess 9:49
and I'm not personally, I'm not thinking about, Oh, can I do this? Because I'm on me, should I do this? Should I not? I'm just doing it and I personally don't care. If I can't. Can't do it. I'm gonna do it. It's like I love basketball. I watched basketball I do it. I don't think about Oh, I'm a woman. Should I watch? I watch the NBA like, should I watch it? Don't be me. I don't I just do what I do. And like

Hermajesty 10:13
anyone worth having is anyone worth having in your circle at all? isn't gonna care about your it's, it's all you should at least be like merit based how good you actually are at the stuff.

Erica 10:26
I don't care if you're a little bit or bad, but I care. Like I personally care. It doesn't sound good. Yes, of course, like, Oh I was playing the flute, Sony Guadalupe, your freaking band, like I don't. Like I'm not like Mind blown by someone by their gender. If they're doing something, I'm going away by the quality of what their work is.

Like, that's just, that's it is an air of like, the benefit of the doubt though, being like, I know that. Yeah, that like, people expect different things like they see. And I've seen it in play, like, you know, like, was like, Oh, well, I want to expect that that guy over there. That really tall man is in charge of like, handling all the business stuff for this guy, for example, right now happens all the time, you know, where I've been the person who's the point person for like, you know, a nicer for tour. Yeah, like they just default. They default to that other person. You know what I mean? Like, the benefit of doubt is like, Oh, well, you don't really know what you're doing. Oh, well, you're not actually important. And then when you're a musician, it's like, oh, well, you're probably not that good. You know, that happens. You know?

Hermajesty 11:29
No,no, I just I was just the the logo is giving you is I just don't know if that's the benefit of the day. I just don't know that started for you.

Erica 11:35
It's like, yeah, it's the opposite of I don't get the benefit of it. Yeah, yeah. Hey, do you know how to work this? Like, hey, do you know that okay, like, Well, let me teach you just assume, like, oh, let me teach you about recording. Well, did you know this blah, blah, blah. I'm like,I was like, Are you kidding me? Like, don't tell me how you record anything. You know, you have nothing to add to this right now. But like all the time, people want to pull me aside and teach you something. Because they look at me and they say, Oh, I don't know anything. Which is gendered. I think, you know, right. Yeah. I don't know. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I think I think so. Yeah, like, when you get to a show and set up in the sound guy doesn't? Like Thank you don't know what you're doing. Yeah, you know how to set up your pedals in your car. But no, I used to prove people wrong, too, though. It is like, especially with your kind of music. Yeah. Just like go let all that anger out on stage and just be loud. And yeah, fun. Yeah. I mean, like, yeah, I totally had like a moment where like, a sound person was like, Oh, well, this is this, whatever, blah, blah, blah. Basecamp. Can you handle I'm like, Yeah, I can handle it. Yeah, I'm splitting my signals that I like, put them in both hands. Go, you know.

Hermajesty 12:45
Yeah. Luckily, you can do that. Like, right away. Yeah, like, go right up and be like, yeah, yeah,

Grant Eubanks 12:51
You think it's a good way to really prove people wrong to just kill it on stage.

Erica 12:56
Yeah, but then it's like, I have to, like, emotionally and mentally get over the whole Yeah. Hey, yeah. So do you need help?

Jess 13:04
Like, okay, it must be thrown looks different than mine. I didn't know that. So please.

Hermajesty 13:11
Yeah. And to admit, you know, that you need help. I think some some people, especially if they if they sort of typecast you into needing to explain things that might, you know, get an inch and take a mile What's next? You know, it's, I mean, does it feel almost like a buying, like a binary, like, you'd have to either be completely self sufficient, or, like, have to deal with that all the time how to deal with someone.

Erica 13:37
I think this guy got turned in a direction, I have no problem asking for help, like, and I'm like, super bold all that. Like, it's not even that I think it's just that people look at me and assume that I don't know what to do. And they go through the video, and then the doodle just like fumble and they freak out. He doesn't know anything. You know what I mean? I guess everybody, but like, that's what it happens. It's just like, I get assumed to be in this role that I didn't sign up for. Please take me off the list and subscribe.

Hermajesty 14:06
Nancy Pelosi. I think it's really funny that you have like, these email addresses that just get recycled forever. They do. Yeah. And also, like, email addresses for us got, like get then when we delete one, they'll get forwarded to me. So like, Yeah, no, yeah, yeah, that's an issue. If we were interviewing me, I'd probably go more into detail. My email Yeah, but he makes email interviews. Maybe not. Email info our This is not. Okay, so to get to get back a little bit to the music. What was it like being covered in ramen?

Erica 14:49
Huh, um, Rose? Well, it was Yeah, it was very cold actually got prolonged fast, which I thought was okay.

Hermajesty 14:58
Was it like homemade or Whoa, whoa, both at home. Okay, it wasn't like I make the noodles. You didn't get like takeout ramen or Yeah, it was a case of like Top Ramen. Oh, okay. Yeah, that was like expired by I didn't get excited on stage you know? Yeah. Okay. Well I had it delivered we had to deliver Okay, one moment for the benefit of radio and there was other people music video, Erica and was it was at one point absolutely covered and ramen.

Erica 15:39
Ramen diva was the idea it was a it was like a hair. It was like, yeah, it was really hard to sculpt. Actually, I thought it'd be a lot easier. We had to do those tapes really quick because it was like a balancing act. And then just with the old texture of the Roman which is changing over time, you know? Just wondering how you kept it on your head. Yeah, it was like what it was like molding clay because like the bottom layer, were just kind of mashed together at some point, which was actually kind of perfect. Didn't make this run and helmet.

Hermajesty 16:11
Yeah, yeah. How long? How long? How long? What was the shoot for that? Was the Roman shoot, I

Erica 16:19
think then two days to two days of Roman mostly one day. Yeah. shots and the second day. That's why we did some, like extra footage that we like, forgot to eat and you had to rebuild the Roman for that. Um, yeah. Well, you know, it was a case of Roman

Hermajesty 16:36
had plenty of it. But you're like, all right, day two got to start the Roman army process over again. This is starting to become a thing like, Yeah.

Erica 16:46
Just boiling water raw. And it was all over the floor. As a boy, it was just like, like putting on my clothes. When I was in a shower and stuff. I was like, oh, everywhere. Yeah, I was just like waiting by the door and being like, Wait, is it? Is it clean? Is it clean assignment? Like? Yeah, that's fine.

Hermajesty 17:07
Do you guys want to talk about hell is other people one sec. And then we'll then we'll take a quick break. And we can listen to it. Cool. Do you guys want to talk about it first, just like say whatever. Yeah, whatever. How did how did the demo started guy? What was it was instrumental did help start as a person, it actually started with the lyrics. I just thought it was like, that's really how it is with the cathartic stuff. Hmm, just just the just the venting and the Notes app or on the notebook and all different angles. Yeah, we're

Erica 17:40
talking about like writing music. Like, it's like whatever angle you're inspired to do just do that angle. So it's like, whether it be like playing guitar, or just coming up with new parts and like riffs and stuff and be like, Hey, I like this part I like or it's just maybe you're in a live mode. It's kind of like I'm here, right? And you just start writing. And like sometimes, you just got to write and not thinking about music, and those actually come out with good lyrics. And then you can put the critical music later. So sometimes it's both at the same time.

Hermajesty 18:07
When did you find the fitting, you know, chord progression and in tambor and everything for those lyrics second.

Erica 18:14
Yeah, this is really the lyrics came first. Because I was just like, in a bad place. And I just came home and I wrote that. I wrote it out. And then I was just like, in my head, I could hear like that kind of progression. And then I just kind of flushed out the arrangement.

Hermajesty 18:30
Give me chills. Love it.

Erica 18:32
Yeah. It's all different, right? Yeah.

Hermajesty 18:35
No, yeah.

Erica 18:36
Every time we just find but you got to learn to like work it from different angles. Like I think when I was younger, I thought it always had to be like a certain way. Sure.

Hermajesty 18:43
Hearing it from the lyrics is so hard. I think hearing the that actual music it It must, it must take us a certain type of superhuman to be able to like imagine a song based off of the words you just wrote. So many different like angles, you're going out. You're trying to express real life stuff in rhymes and stuff like that. And then you just put the vocal meaning or the the chord meaning behind it and the punch, it's just, it's so it's so interesting that that was that was like immediately after.

Erica 19:17
Yeah, it's like I need chords for this. Well, yeah, yeah.

Hermajesty 19:23
Well, you're listening to WKNC 88.1 FM HD one ralieigh I'm hermajesty, and the band is Bangs and this is Hell is Other People Welcome back to WKNC 88.1 FM HD one Raleigh. I'm hermajesty joined today by my lovely co hosts, Grant Eubanks, Space Cadet, and we're here during local lunch with bangs.

Grant Eubanks 22:07
Hey Bangs.

Hermajesty 22:10
Heck yeah. All right. So so I was, I was going through your Facebook. And I was curious, how is your experience using a journal?

Erica 22:21
a journal?

Hermajesty 22:21
a urinal?

Erica 22:23
Oh my gosh. Okay, so here's why. Yeah. Should you tell a story? Are we just gonna just like leave it?

Hermajesty 22:28
No, tell the story, tell the storyWhen I was really little one of our youngest, like memories. I grew up in Japan, right and preschool and went to Korea. And I was, well, I was only I was the only kid that was like half Japanese half American, but doesn't even matter the point it is. I was I was there. And some boys said that girls can't pee in the urinal. And of course, it's like for this boy, I think I'd already heard things. I was just like more that already like a challenge. It was just like, well, because of this is a gender that you are, you can't do this. And I felt like that already started to build up and there was like, weird rules that I was noticing that applied to me and not my brother or something. You know what I mean? Like, and I started noticing this, and I think that kind of like annoyed me because I was like, Hey, you can't do this. So girls can't pee in the urinal. And I was like, Oh, okay. And then I promptly pulled out my pants and peed in the urinal. And here's the thing, so I don't remember getting wet or gross, or like getting like, you know, being like, Oh, I regret everything. So I think I did a good job. You know, that's what I'm thinking because like, I don't remember being like, upset with myself. So it was just like, it was fine. I proved them wrong. And I remember going back to the classroom, and the teacher was like, Erica, did you pee in the urinal?Y eah, you know, she's just like, don't do that. I knew I was like, dude, you're not supposed to do that. But I think that it's just like very much like, I don't know, I think it's just like such a pivotal like it just, that's just like still who I am. It's like, you can't do this, like watch me.

Yeah, I was also just curious, because I don't know many women that have used urinals.

Erica 23:53
Yeah. Well, I heard people, like, you know, up in the woods.

Hermajesty 23:58

Erica 23:59
So if you were just like naked, you can just kind of like, become like a star. And then like, kind of like you're standing up. And then like, you kind of just like, push your pelvis forward, and then it just kind of spray.

Hermajesty 24:09
Ill Keep that in mind.

Erica 24:10
Yeah. I mean, you know, I'm not sure I've been a city. I'm not the I still don't love peeing outside. But sometimes

Hermajesty 24:18
It happens. It comes around.

Erica 24:20
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I haven't been here in a long time.

Jess I read that...

Jess 24:28
I was thinking Porta Potty at first. I was like, No, but I like all things like,

Hermajesty 24:36
That's fair, that's fair

Jess 24:37
I've been lucky now.

Hermajesty 24:38
Yeah, that's a complete pivot. I had read that you used to play in a Mexican ska band. Is that true?

Jess 24:45
That is true. When I was 17, so over 10 years ago, yes, I yeah, I'm played in a Mexican ska band. I play drums. I play guitar. I sang in Spanish and English and yeah

Hermajesty 25:05
How much our Spanish do you know?

Erica 25:07
Um, I know. I know a lot of words in later in life is more kitchen Spanish is what we call it, but back then I would just get my English Spanish dictionary and just put those sentences and words together that way and I had a bunch of friends and we listened to a lot of bands that were you know Spanish speaking bands and yeah, so I picked up on that and that's that's pretty much how I put that together.

Hermajesty 25:32
Okay, Erica, do you speak Japanese?

Erica 25:35
Yeah, I do. I'm fluent.

Hermajesty 25:37
Okay, I was just I was curious if you guys would ever like consider going since you guys are both bilingual people Would you ever consider going multilingual with Japanese Spanish record?

Erica 25:48
I say that if it felt right. I would include Japenese words

Hermajesty 25:50

Erica 25:51
Like I know that it meant a lot to me when like you know mitski

Hermajesty 25:54

Erica 25:55
Yeah. First love late spring has a moment that's like it's like half the lyrics like they slip into Japanese room and I was just like, Oh my gosh, I've never heard that on the radio like you know, that was like super special So yeah, I can see that happening at some point.

Grant Eubanks 26:06
I just know like Kelly you just is the most recent one or Rosalia or like to like in Spanish speaking but like it'd be so sick to have that be sort of a regular thing with with other languages.

Erica 26:16
Yeah, for sure.

Hermajesty 26:17
Yeah, I know kirakira Benito, does it

Grant Eubanks 26:19
Oh, yeah. Love a good character of Benito.

Hermajesty 26:28
This is just this question is just self serving for me. Because I'm from Charleston. I wanna But how was the Royal American on that tour that you guys?

Erica 26:35
Okay, so the Royal American is really cool. It's, they have a stage that's like on the bar, essentially.

Hermajesty 26:42
Yeah. Yeah.

Erica 26:43
Yeah. It's like a bar and then the bar ends and it becomes a stage. So when you load in you actually moved behind the bar. Yeah, it was messy. Before your time, yeah. Yeah, Charleston's fun.

Hermajesty 27:00
When I was your age. So what was it? What's it like been playing like festivals, like Hopscotch and Fem Fest?

Erica 27:07

Hermajesty 27:08
And being around a lot of other events at the same time? What's that kind of energy? Like?

Erica 27:12
I mean, I don't know. What do you think? Do you think it's different from another show? Like a normal show?

Jess 27:17
Well, only in the sometimes it's really exciting because you like play. And then for me, I've been like, plug my stuff. And like, go see my friend play real quick. And why are like getting trying to get back, see, catch a couple songs and have to come back and play or whatever. Or if you're like walking down the street and you see like big Frida and their team like walking by or like, you know, I don't know, it's kind of cool. It's just more of an exciting time when there's a bunch of bands that you get to see. And you know, it's you know, let's try one's perfect.

Erica 27:48
Oh, that's really sweet. As far as I know, she's a lot of people, you know. And it's fun to be able to, like, rush off and then go enjoy yourself.

Hermajesty 27:59

Erica 28:00
That's, that's usually big

Hermajesty 28:01
Yeah you don't have to, like, been on to the next place, or whatever.

Erica 28:06
I mean, you do, but I guess it's like, usually, it's a longer day that you have like, plenty of like, usually, cuz if you play one show, right? It's like three bands, usually max. And then there's like, you play your shows. And you have two bands at the end of the night, like the festival that you play your show. And then you have like, maybe in the next six hours of shows or like maybe you have six hour shows before your show, which is the harder one.

Grant Eubanks 28:24
May not be as much of expectation for you to hang around to can just sort of do whatever.

Erica 28:28

Grant Eubanks 28:28
You just played like, no one's gonna say anything. If you

Erica 28:33
Yeah but we also have work so you get to enjoy yourself.

Grant Eubanks 28:35

Jess 28:37
Actually, yeah.

Erica 28:39

Hermajesty 28:41
With with the album now out, you took my body long ago? And now I'm taking it back. What is what's kind of the next step for the band? Where's the vision taking y'all?

Erica 28:51
I mean, you know, it's like, I mean, there's more songs coming out right now. I'm in a writing phase a little bit. But like, I think that, you know, we want to keep promoting this album. Like, it's hard, because like, the natural progression would have been tour, right.

Hermajesty 29:05

Grant Eubanks 29:05
Yeah, yeah.

Erica 29:06
This is a little difficult right now. And I don't, yeah, I don't I haven't felt comfortable enough to like book a tour. But like, I'm still kind of thinking about, you know, as I was just looking to future and trying to get through COVID

Hermajesty 29:17

Erica 29:18
you know, I do we are planning to make more music videos.

Hermajesty 29:21
Okay, awesome.

Erica 29:22
that'll be fun.

Hermajesty 29:24
I'll be excited to see those.

Erica 29:25
Those are always fun. But so those are definitely on the horizon. And four fingers crossed, like super hard.

Hermajesty 29:31
Do you guys you guys have shows coming up? Right.

Erica 29:33

Hermajesty 29:34
At least locally?

Erica 29:34
We do have local shows coming up.

Hermajesty 29:36
Ok, where are you all planned?

Erica 29:38
I think a couple aren't announced yet but we are playing some day parties.

Hermajesty 29:41

Erica 29:42
So Hopscotch, they just started announcing-

Hermajesty 29:44
They just started announcing, Hopscotch day parties.

Erica 29:46
So we are playing some day parties, including the public one.

Hermajesty 29:48

Grant Eubanks 29:49
Um nice.

Erica 29:50
And then we have we're playing motorcoach with the glories.

Hermajesty 29:54
Okay, okay. Yeah. Yeah, that one would be nice.

Erica 29:57
Which is the garage, rock band and then other ones, I guess we're playing manifest in Chapel Hill.

Hermajesty 30:02

Erica 30:03
You know, and then Sun Fest is gonna be a little different this year.

Hermajesty 30:07
Is it gonna be virtual again?

Erica 30:08
Yeah, they're working on the details right now. Yeah, they're working on I think it's going to be somewhat virtual if not like half and half.

Hermajesty 30:14
Okay. Almost like almost like all the bands would be in one place but the audiences,

Erica 30:18

Hermajesty 30:19

Erica 30:19
Yeah, yeah, it's interesting. Cuz like, yeah, I mean, everyone's like, just trying to hit it really hard.

Hermajesty 30:23
Yeah, everybody. Yeah, it's turning on a dime.

Erica 30:26
Yeah, yeah.

Hermajesty 30:28
We thought we were good for a little bit.

Erica 30:29
We thought we were good. We were getting all ready. Let's just chill out for a second.

Hermajesty 30:40

Grant Eubanks 30:41
But it's fair. I mean, you feel like you've had a lot of time to write and prep for the after times if they come?

Erica 30:49

Grant Eubanks 30:49
Yeah, yeah ?

Erica 30:50
I mean, I think Yeah, I just really, you know, hit the ground running Really?

Hermajesty 30:54

Erica 30:55

Grant Eubanks 30:55
I totally understand that.

Jess 30:56
Maybe, we will go on tour.

Grant Eubanks 31:05
Absolute monsters. Amazing.

Hermajesty 31:08
All right. Are there is there anything else today that we have not touched on that? You want the listeners and the fans at home to know?

Jess 31:21
Um, no, I think we covered it all. Just listen to the album.

Grant Eubanks 31:30
What was it called again? You stole my body long ago and now I'm taking it back?

Erica 31:33
Yeah, you took my body long ago.

Grant Eubanks 31:35
Oh, you took okay.

Erica 31:36
Yeah. I thout you said spill my body? Like what is spill?

Space Cadet 31:41
Yeah, I heard that too.

Grant Eubanks 31:44
You put the spilled ramen on my body.

Hermajesty 31:52
Awesome. Where can where can they find beings on social media?

Erica 31:56
Okay, so you guys on Spotify. We're on YouTube or on Facebook or Instagram. We're kind of on Twitter, but I we don't really do anything with it. Yeah.

Hermajesty 32:05
What's the Bandcamp URL?

Erica 32:06
Oh, bandcamp. It just bangs dot band camp com. So that's easy. Bangzz with a double Z. So we're really the only ones that spell it that way.

Jess 32:12
So yeah, everywhere.

Erica 32:16

Hermajesty 32:18
Awesome. Thank you all for coming in. Yes. WKNC 88.1 FM HD on Raleigh, I've Hermmajesty with

Grant Eubanks 32:27
Grant Eubanks.

Space Cadet 32:29
Space Cadet.

Hermajesty 32:30
And this has been an episode of the local beat during local lunch with banks. The new album, you stole my body long ago and now I'm taking it back came out August 13. Thanks for listening.

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